Power Disc Slam.jpg

As reported late last year, Power Disc Slam is the debut game from UK based Chequered Cow Games, which is run by former Argonaut man David McEwen. This 3DS title is, in spirit at least, a modern take on Neo Geo title Windjammers, albeit with modern features and 60fps stereoscopic 3D.

The game now has an updated website, which sketches out a number of its features that includes various single-player options and even online multiplayer. It's getting closer to release, too, clearing the approval process in Europe and getting closer to that in North America, with final release dates likely to be given soon.

If the gameplay is on the money this could certainly have an addictive hook to it. Check out the official website and trailer below and let us know what you think.

[source chequeredcowgames.com]