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Earlier in the week we reported on Nintendo's soaring share value, which actually had one day (Wednesday) where it then dipped ever so slightly. The close of the week has seen further increases, however, with Friday trading in Tokyo bringing another near 10% increase to close on 27,780 Yen - the power of Pokémon GO at work.

To provide some contrast look at the following graphs (via Bloomberg), which show the past month of Nintendo's share value, the past year and then the past five years. In the final graph in particular you can see the impact of the Nintendo / DeNA announcement in early 2015 taking the share value to highs not seen since the Wii / DS era. Tellingly, the current value is easily the highest Nintendo's shares have enjoyed in the last five years.

Nintendo's share value over the past month
Image: Bloomberg
Nintendo's share value over the past year
Image: Bloomberg
Nintendo's share value over the past five years
Image: Bloomberg

Bloomberg is also reporting that the frenzy in Nintendo shares also broke the record for volume traded, with "more than 53 million shares exchanging hands over the past week".

It's a truly extraordinary sequence, highlighting the impact of Pokémon GO. It's possible that the announcement of the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe) also contributed to the boost in Friday trading in Tokyo.

Its definitely a case of victory lattes for everyone at Nintendo, with the Niantic app providing a breathtaking boost at a key time for the company.

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