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If you're one of the many people who pre-ordered their Pokémon GO Plus accessory the moment it was available, then you'll no doubt be wondering where it actually is.

The device - which pairs with your smartphone via a low-energy Bluetooth connection and allows you to acquire items and catch monsters in Pokémon GO without having to remove your phone from your pocket - was supposed to launch this month, but more recently Nintendo UK had stated that it wouldn't be coming until August.

Nintendo of America has now said that the device has been delayed, and won't be seen until September - two months later than expected.

One of our readers sent in the email they recieved from Nintendo UK regarding the delay, which says the device will be delivered "by 30th September":

We regret to announce that the Pokémon GO Plus accessory launch has been delayed. This item will now be released in September, not July as previous communicated.

We'd like to apologise for this delay, and we understand that this change could affect whether you'd like to complete your order.

If you would still like to receive the accessory you do not need to take any action. Your order will then be delivered to you by 30th September.

As a token of goodwill, Nintendo UK is offering £5 off each customer's next order, provided it is over £30.

Thanks to Kieran Fifield for sending the email in.