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They're out of stock once again on the official UK Nintendo Store.

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Pokémon GO has taken off in a big way, but one potential sticking point with the current experience is the tendency to spend a lot of time walking while watching your phone. The Pokémon GO Plus accessory is supposed to help with that, fitting on the wrist and flashing / vibrating to notify of nearby 'mon, with the option to then use its button to try and catch them.

For those addicted to the game it's a tempting option, but unsurprisingly stock could be an issue. In the UK, Nintendo's Official Store has now confirmed that pre-orders are available once again, but delivery is now pegged as being due "by 31st August 2016", beyond the original July target. They're still limited to one per customer and cost £34.99, available to pre-order on this page.

Nintendo's UK store is also stating it has the exclusive on the extra in the country, so shopping around isn't an easy option.

Are any of you in the UK planning to grab one of these?

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