Famitsu has finally picked up the pace after an E3 hangover. This week features an impressive amount of previews, although most of them are for games we've already gotten in the West or for titles already released in Japan. However, a new game reveal and the review for Puzzle & Dragons X more than make up for a lack of content fresh for our Western eyes.



This week features several previews but only one of particular note. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - for which our review will come soon - received a multi-page spread. Japan-only Dragon Quest X Online and Monster Hunter Frontier G once again received some information about upcoming updates, but as neither game looks like it's coming out West anytime soon we moved onto other previews. Puzzle & Dragons X also got more coverage but also received the aforementioned review that we'll focus on.

Famitsu revealed a series of 3DS visual novels this week called Kataruhito. Three versions of the game exist: 07th Expansion is a ghost story set in a high school, Novectacle is a fantasy title dubbed a "female tragedy," and World End Economica Episode 1 (Spicy Tails) is both a mouth full and ambiguous as to what it in entails. Famitsu describes World End Economica as a stock market money story and "glorious fun." Each title will retail fairly cheap at 800yen, and as of this article there isn't any word of a Western release date.



Famitsu's first two Nintendo reviews are of downloadable titles for the Wii U – FreezeME and 6180 the moon. FreezeME pulled in a mediocre 7/6/7/7 for a total of 27/40, which is a bit below the score we gave FreezeME a couple of months ago. One reviewer lamented control accuracy issues and wished the game was easier to play. 6180 the moon fared a bit better with a respectable 7\8\9\8 for 32/40, a score a bit more on par with our review written last month. The reviewer – Yoshida-san – that gave 6180 the moon a 9 praised the game's great balance of difficulty and fun while being an incredibly cheap purchase at 400yen.

Puzzle Dragons X Screencap.png

The big review this week was Puzzle & Dragons X. It garnered universal praise across the board with a 10/9/9/9 for 37/40. All four of the reviewers pretty much said the same thing: Puzzle & Dragons X is an immensely enjoyable title because training monsters and exploring dungeons feels like a top notch RPG should. An unobtrusive UI ties the whole package together. Now we just have to cross our fingers for a Western release.

That's it for this week. Let us know how badly you want a Puzzle & Dragons X localization in the comments below.

Thank you again Arina for helping us translate!