While last week was packed full of Nintendo news, Famitsu took a step back this week with only a handful of Nintendo games featured. However, they're some big ones; an in-depth preview and a review for Etrian Odyssey V and a review for Dragon Ball Fusion on the 3DS make this week's edition worth browsing through.



Famitsu lagged behind with Pokemon Sun and Moon news again this week. This time around, the magazine covered three new Pokemon we already know all about: Rockruff, Komala and Salandit. Other than some cute art for each Pokemon, nothing of note was revealed about the trio.

Etrian Odyssey V on the Nintendo 3DS is the real meat and potatoes of Nintendo previews (and reviews!) this week. Some of this information was revealed some time ago, but it's still interesting nonetheless. First and foremost, Union Skills allow party members to team up to activate powerful attacks after filling a special gauge. Groups of four party members are seen preforming a Union ability in one picture, while in others floating online three members are enough.

Etrian Odyssey V Classes and Races.png

Famitsu touched on the four playable races as well: human Earthrun, elf-like Lunaria, rabbit and fox-eared Therian, and dwarfish Bronie. Etrian Odyssey V restricts each race to certain classes. Earthrun options include the Fencer, Dragoon, Cestus, and Reaper classes. Etrian Odyssey V restricts Lunaria to Warlocks and Necromancers, and the tiny Bronie race plays as Herbalists and Shamans. Therian have a Hound class that utilises animal companions and a sword-fighting Masurao option.

Famitsu goes into further details with each classes' abilities. For example, the Fencer class uses a Jump Slash ability. However, the amount of translation required was overwhelming, so we moved onto this week's reviews instead. Hopefully Etrian Odyssey V gets a Western release soon, and with it more in-depth detail about its systems.


We won't keep you in suspense any longer. The Famitsu reviewers enjoyed Etrian Odyssey V quite a bit, earning a respectable 8/9/9/9 for a total of 35/40. One reviewer, Yoshida-san, felt the new races added a fresh feeling for the series' typical gameplay loop of exploring dungeons and levelling up, adding quite a bit more variety as players build their party. He did lament that this newest title doesn't feature any over world sea or air exploration, limiting the game to a narrower scope. Despite this, he found the dungeon exploration evolved enough that he soon forgot he couldn't fly around a larger area.

Dragon Ball Fusions.png

Dragon Ball Fusion was also received well with 8/8/8/9 for a total of 33/40. The reviewers particularly enjoyed how many non-canon fusions players were able to perform. Fusions, for those that aren't up-to-date on Dragon Ball lore, are when two characters fuse into one to create a character far more powerful. With five characters, there was enough variation to keep the reviewers entertained with "command battle" matches. They also lauded how much the strategy behind fighting and the speed felt like watching the anime. One consistent gripe was that battles often felt a bit too long. There is no worldwide release date announced yet.

And that's it for another week. Let us know which Etrian Odyssey race and class sounds most appealing to you in the comments.

A special thanks to both Thomas A. Schinas and Laura Lee for some amazing translation work!