Though Pokémon Sun and Moon will play a big part on day one of E3 in the Nintendo Treehouse stream, some fresh details have emerged ahead of the LA event. We have two new Pokémon via CoroCoro Magazine, and a trailer (localised for the West) unveiling new formes of Zygarde.

Let's start with Zygarde; the trailer below shows the 10% Forme and Complete Forme, along with details of its moves.

The two new Pokemon are seen in scans. First of all we have Iwanko, the 'puppy Pokémon'; it's a Rock type with the abilities Keen Eye or Vital Spirit.

Image: Serebii
Image: Serebii

Then we have Nekkoala, the 'Half Awake Pokémon'; it's a Normal-type with the ability Definite Sleep, which makes it immune to all status's that aren't sleep.

Image: Serebii

Serebii also reports that "CoroCoro hints that Rowlet, Litten, Popplio and Iwanko all hide a secret".

What do you think of these new Pokemon and the Zygarde Formes trailer? Let us know in the comments.