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It's fair to say that Pokémon GO has struck a nerve with the public, with the app going viral in terms of downloads, money made from micro-transactions and through social media. Pokémon GO is everywhere - well, except for Europe and some other territories still waiting for the release.

It's generated some fun stories, too - some have been trying to play the game in unlikely locations like police stations, which was dealt with rather humorously. Yet it's not all fun and games in a literal sense. One widely reported story relates to a teenager discovering a dead body, which this writer declined to give an article as, actually, it's not a particular nice tale to tell.

That's the worst case, but it's caused problems in other ways - a man living in a former church has had locals invading his privacy, and there are thousands of tweets with people relating experiences of getting into accidents while playing the app. Undoubtedly some people are being extremely silly, recounting tales of falling off skateboards and even getting bumped by cars due to not paying attention to their surroundings while catching 'mon. Problems like these relate to the players, of course, though there's little doubt that instances of players trespassing on private property need to be addressed by the placement of Pokéstop locations. A rethink is likely needed in that area; at present, though, Niantic is pre-occupied with stabilising and improving the game's servers.

Yet there are nice stories, of Pokémon fans gather in parks to play the game, meeting fellow gamers in the process. There are many saying that they're taking extra walks and getting more exercise as a result of the app, which is a welcome extra part of the experience. For all of the negatives, and there are quite a few, there are positives around GO so far.


With so much engagement and so many tales around this game, we want to know about some of your experiences with Pokémon GO. How are you enjoying the app? What's your favourite story around it so far? Hit up the comments and let us know.

Oh, and if you're in a country yet to receive the app or are just getting started with it, the guides below should help.