On the GO

The benefits and drawbacks of Pokémon GO have been reported on by practically every site on the face of the planet, but Brooklyn-based Democrat Felix Ortiz - who has previously taken a dim view of hoverboards, salt, alcohol and sugar - has stated that some form of legislation may be required to bring the AR game into line.

Speaking on Tuesday, he said:

Like any new technology, it has its advantages and disadvantages, and like any new technology, it has to be looked at very, very carefully. Everything comes down to people's responsibility as well as corporate responsibility. Every single one of us who might want to play this game have to be very cautious. Who's sending what, and what is the follow up? Everyone should be cautious to make sure that no intruders will be able to tap into this and have people think they're going to the park when in reality they're going to a be targeted by some rapist. People could think they're going to the bank, but in reality, someone is waiting to take their money.

However, Ortiz has stated that he's not looking to introduce legislation just yet. He expects Niantic and The Pokémon Company to self-regulate before it gets to that stage:

My big call is to the company, to watch what is happening. They should be vigilant before they become liable. If it's an issue they can pull out and fix, they won't be liable. Otherwise, I will introduce legislation.

Do you think all of this fuss over Pokémon GO's impact is justified? Will it die down as the initial buzz around the app diminishes, or could we see more tabloid horror stories as the year rolls by, reinforcing Ortiz's comments?

[source politico.com]