Nintendo has been making some interesting moves in its efforts to promote its games and systems to young gamers, and it's an area we've argued can see further improvement.

Play Nintendo in North America has been strong in this respect with an impressive website that's full of activities, while the related YouTube channel has had decent moments but been a tad inconsistent. It looks like the latter could be in for an improvement, though, with the first episode of The Play Nintendo Show now airing; hopefully it'll be a regular show.

Episode one promotes New Super Mario Bros. 2, fitting in with Nintendo of America's current push for 'evergreen' 3DS games. It does target relatively young gamers, so host Andrew is rather bouncy and enthusiastic, while he has a Piranha Plant sidekick called Izzy. NoA President Reggie Fils-Aime also makes a cameo - sort of.

Check it out below.