3D Streets of Rage 2.jpg
Image: Lost Tyrant / Deviantart

The line-up of SEGA 3D classics / remasters on the 3DS is full of gems, with the occasional average titles thrown in. Showcasing some of the best SEGA titles of the arcade to 16-bit era, the range has been a great source of nostalgia while also - hopefully - introducing a new audience to some of the titles.

SEGA's now running a discount promotion on some of these releases in North America, which could represent a good chance to catch up on some more games from the series. They're normally $5.99 each in the US, but until 20th June the following are all $3.99.

Unfortunately there don't appear to be equivalent discounts in Europe at the time of writing, nor were they listed in the week's Nintendo Download Update details for the region.

Are any of you in North America planning to pick up any of these discounts?

[source gonintendo.com]