Gone but not forgotten

The world of music recently lost Christina Grimmie, who was tragically shot during an autograph signing session after a concert and later died from her wounds.

Fans are now petitioning Nintendo is name an NPC in the forthcoming Legend of Zelda title after the singer, who was self-confessed fan not only of the series, but Nintendo in general. Grimmie's YouTube name was ZeldaxLove64, and she was also a fan of titles EarthBound, Super Mario and Pokémon.

The petition - which can be found on Change.org - has already amassed over 25,000 signatures. If you'd like to see Grimmie immortalised in the next Zelda, then don't forget to pledge your support. While it's tempting to question the point of such ventures and ask whether or not Nintendo takes any notice, it's worth pointing out that Bill Trinen is currently using an image of Grimmie on his Twitter account:

Screenshot 2016-06-14 at 3.03.25 PM - Edited.png

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