Earlier this week SurveyMonkey Intelligence shared its statistics suggesting a drop in popularity for Miitomo, with the app seemingly seeing notable drops in download numbers, a high churn rate and declines in weekly average users (WAU). It was data focused on the US, but nevertheless provided an interesting look at something that some (including this writer) have suspected - the social app is struggling with its long term appeal.

There are various potential factors in this - the limitations of the Q & A format mean that, within a week or two, the full depth of the app can seemingly have been covered. Dropping usage by friends means it's less interesting to check on a regular basis (a vicious cycle), and after an initial splurge of tweets the outfits and Miifotos aren't as ever-present as they were at launch. Miitomo Drop, too, is a very one-dimensional (and luck based) minigame.

This writer has been a strong defender of Miitomo, yet will acknowledge that - with the passing of time - it's been lower down the list of priorities for daily checks. The question is whether you, dear reader, have had a similar change of habits.

We have access to quite a lot of data around Miitomo's performance so far, so are planning weekend content to analyse this in detail. First of all, though, we want to know your experiences with Miitomo. Have you downloaded it? If so, are you still a regular user? Let us know in the polls and comments below.

Have you downloaded Miitomo?
If you downloaded Miitomo, are you still using it regularly?
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