What could the future hold?

Especially in more recent times, Capcom has received a lot of flak for being too reliant upon rereleases and safe sequels, famously stating that it wouldn't produce sequels to games that don't sell at least two million. Fans of the company are right to be upset with this narrowed focus, as Capcom has been around for decades and has a fairly deep catalogue of IP that it's allowed to simply fall to the wayside. There may still be hope yet, though, as recent statements from the company seem to suggest that it may be delving into the past to shape its future.

Capcom's fiscal year ended back at the end of March, and the company only just published a translated copy of its internal Q&A briefing this past week. The summary covers financial information and how the company is responding to various hot topics within the industry, and can be read in its entirety here. Interestingly enough, one of the answers discusses how the company has multiple IP that have "not yet been realized to their full potential" and implies that the company aims to change that. Here's the full quote:

Q. What impact has organizational restructuring of development in the Consumer business had?

A. Compared to before the restructuring, we have made profitability improvements via
administration of the roadmap and increasing the ratio of internally developed titles. However, at
the same time we have increased our development workforce, thus we must pay greater
attention to management of development. We also possess a vast library of content in which
there remains multiple IP that have not yet been utilized to their full potential—these issues we
will handle moving forward. Moreover, we will endeavor for further profitability improvements
and unit sales growth by releasing all titles finished to a high level of quality.

Hopefully, Capcom is indeed considering bringing back some older games; it'd be nice to see forgotten franchises like Dino Crisis or Power Stone given another shot. Or, y'know, the company's flagship, Mega Man.

What do you think? Which Capcom franchises would you like to see return? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source neogaf.com, via capcom.co.jp]