The Nintendo 2DS has been a smart product, targeting parents with young children in particular. By taking away the age-restricted 3D screen and utilising a tough-as-nails slab shape, it's been a welcome affordable (and durable) option in the market.

Nintendo of America is now moving to make it even more attractive as the 3DS 'family' heads towards its twilight. The standard 2DS price is going to be dropped from $99 to $79.99 MSRP from 20th May, a $20 drop. Bundles with Mario Kart 7 included will also be that price.


With 2.5 years on the market now, the 2DS has established itself as part of the portable family; it makes sense to cut the price further, especially with titles like Pokémon Sun and Moon coming this year. $79.99 has been a relatively common discount price during periods such as Black Friday, too, so it'll be interesting to see how much lower it goes during the Holiday season.

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