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Dirty Harry, to many younger readers (heck, including this writer), may seem like a rather old movie series in which a youthful Clint Eastwood mutters iconic lines. It's not too long ago, however, that Warner Bros. (and Eastwood's own company) had grand plans to revive the franchise with licensed games.

The masterplan was to have a 'next-gen' tentpole release on Xbox 360 and PS3, developed by The Collective Inc, and a version for weaker systems (including Wii and DS) by Sensory Sweep. With a storyline between the first and second movie, each developer was working independently on different art-styles, with the Wii / DS version planned to adopt a cel-shaded approach. It was a big-budget affair, too, with a frankly outstanding cast lined up for voice acting that was, ultimately, never required.

It's an intriguing tale told by Liam Robertson / Unseen 64 and Did You Know Gaming, as bold ideas seemed to fall down due to a lack of creative direction and progress - in the case of both versions.

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