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Earlier in the year rumours swirled around The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, playing on an idea that many had previously considered possible through the power of logic - that the delayed title could be a dual release on the struggling Wii U and the Nintendo NX. With Nintendo's next hardware expected either late this year or early 2017 (Holiday 2016 seems like a good target), the timeline of the new Zelda played into that idea - after all, that's what happened with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess on GameCube and Wii.

Now there's more talk reinforcing this rumour, with Neal Ronaghan and Emily Rogers talking of details coming out of Nintendo. Earlier this year Emily Rogers spilled the beans on what was later confirmed as Paper Mario: Color Splash, before taking a hiatus from social media.

In her tweets on the subject she's reinforced that rumour about a dual release, and also touched on two other potential details - voice acting for non-Link characters, and a gender choice for the playable protagonist.




This writer is rather keen on the idea of a gender choice for the lead character, especially in light of comments Aonuma-san has made in the past 18-24 months about the direction he wants to take with the next 'main' Legend of Zelda game. We went into the topic with some depth in a talking point last year.

Beyond that, voice acting for non-playable characters seems sensible - games in the series already have voice samples and grunts for NPCs, so it's a logical next step.

Time will tell on whether these sources are accurate, but in any case we can expect the upcoming game - in this anniversary year from the franchise - to feature prominently in the months to come, perhaps at E3 in particular.

What do you think of these rumours, and do you want them to be true? Sound off in the comments.