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The My Nintendo loyalty programme has been live for over a week now, and in various ways it's been a success so far. It does have its pros and cons, however, and for eager Points accumulators the challenge is to ensure that they grab the best rewards in good time. There's a double whammy at play - points expire six months after they're earned, and all rewards have a time limit before they'll disappear.

We did accompany the launch of the service with a 'getting started' guide, but a gap in our coverage has been tracking the expiry dates of rewards; well, time to fill that gap.

Below are the UK and North American dates so far; in the majority of cases these details should prove useful. For each reward we've given the expiry date (all are this year), while the limit on redemptions is always one unless we specify otherwise.

North America


The discount deadlines in North America are certainly harsher, prompting quicker decisions for smaller savings - on the flipside that also points to more frequent rotation of these deals. Full downloads (whether DLC and entire games) give a little more time to build up points in both regions, however, in those cases pointing to a slower rotation in reward options.

Are you on target to claim the rewards you want, or are the requirements a bit too tough for you to hit? Let us know.