Like with Fire Emblem: Awakening, Nintendo has pledged to support Fire Emblem Fates with a generous amount of post-launch DLC to keep the game going long after the end credits have finally rolled. Of course, this DLC can be bought at any time during the game, leading to some controversy over how it upsets the game's balance and makes it too easy to grind for experience or currency. Regardless of where you stand, the last piece of DLC for the first wave has just rolled out.

The new map is called "Witches' Trial", which sees players battling on a stage that originates from the Japan-only Fire Emblem Gaiden. To win, players must seize a fort that's being guarded by a Witch and a formidable contingency of Generals and other units. Upon completion of the stage, players are given the Witches' Mark item, which allows you to convert any female unit to the powerful Witch class. Though this marks the end of the first wave of DLC for the west, Japan has already received more DLC. There's no information yet as to when (or if) it'll be localized, but we'd be surprised if Nintendo stopped the DLC here.

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