If you're yet to get around to watching the Japanese Nintendo Direct, it's worth taking a look. Much of it is either the same as in the West or focusing on titles long established outside of Japan (such as Shovel Knight and Terraria), but it had some unique segments that certainly catch the eye.

For one thing a lot more SNES Virtual Console games were confirmed for the New 3DS, and that same segment revealed a lovely New Nintendo 3DS XL - or LL as it is in Japan - system. Unlike the NES 3DS XL from 2014 it's designed to imitate the Super Famicom console rather than the system's controller. You can see some images and the correct part of the Nintendo Direct broadcast below.

SNES New 3DS1.png
SNES New 3DS2.png

We're not sure the odds on a Western release are particularly good, especially in North America where the Super NES had a different visual design. Nevertheless we're sure it'd sell out rapidly if it ever arrived as a limited edition.

Would you splash the cash on one of these if given the opportunity?