In the past week two separate sets of images emerged that were claimed to be sneaky pictures of NX kits by developers. The first was a white unit which we gave the 'rumour buster' treatment, and then the second set were higher resolution images of a black unit that were somewhat more convincing. We were shown information that we then shared in an update, however, to state that these controllers were not 'legit' NX units.

That appears to have now been confirmed as the case, with a YouTube account called ID 2Def showing the creation of the fuzzier first image, demonstrating a render of a fake controller being worked into the desk background.

That naturally discredits the latter set, which were effectively the same but with black units and clearer image quality.

As highlighted in our original articles, the close similarity to the widely considered free form screen patent of last year served as a red flag. Yet prior to our colleague Liam Robertson assisting us with the aforementioned update stating that the pictures were not showing NX hardware, we were certainly starting to doubt our initial rejection of the images. Ultimately, it's proven to be a hoax that successfully stumped wide parts of the web, and prompted plenty of interesting debate about Nintendo's next generation hardware.

As things stand we can go back to looking forward with anticipation to what Nintendo will deliver. We still don't know what form NX will take; we'll just have to look forward to the surprise.