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Thanks to all that have highlighted the following paragraph which points to this potentially also coming to the Official Nintendo UK Store.

Fire Emblem: Fates Special Edition is only available at selected GAME stores, GAME.co.uk and Nintendo.co.uk. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Rather odd that the listing also says 'Only at GAME', so we'll see how this progresses.

Original Article:

Fire Emblem Fates may be so last month in North America by now, but plenty of PAL gamers are still in a state of giddy excitement about the Intelligent Systems title. Or maybe that's just this writer, but in any case it should be deemed impossible to have too much Fire Emblem, and Fates offers a lot of bang for our buck.

Though the Birthright and Conquest campaigns will be sold separately at retail, along with Revelation as a third DLC campaign, Nintendo of Europe's special edition not only includes all three on one cartridge, but also a steelbook case, artbook and double-sided poster. Somewhat surprisingly, though, it's not the Official Nintendo UK Store offering this for pre-order, but it's being claimed as an exclusive by GAME - as you can see at that link pre-orders are being taken for £69.99 ahead of the 20th May release.

This likely won't delight many gamers, especially those that were charged up to seven times (running into hundreds of pounds) for Super Mario Maker pre-orders last year. We can only hope that the concept of one payment per product has now been successful applied to GAME's sales system.

As an added note, the limited edition New Nintendo 3DS XL model (which doesn't include the games) is also up for pre-order on this page for £179.99, but isn't marked as a GAME exclusive.

Are any of you in the UK tempted to pick up the special edition version of Fire Emblem Fates?

Our thanks to Dan for the heads up.

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