Etrian Odyssey 1

Just earlier this week, it was finally announced that Atlus' long anticipated Etrian Odyssey V would in fact be coming to 3DS, with an August release confirmed for Japan. Naturally, there's no word yet on a western localization, but Atlus has a good track record for bringing game in this series to overseas audiences, so hopefully there'll be more to report on that shortly. In the meantime, some new screenshots and story information have surfaced, giving us a clearer picture of what the game will be like.

The news all comes via the Japanese Amazon product page, translated by Gematsu. The game will be set in a place called 'Arcadia', and players will be able to create a character that can be one of four races: Arslan, Lunaria, Cerian, or Brani. The story will revolve around Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and the legends that dreams come true for adventurers who can climb to its summit. The city of Aolith sits at the base of the tree, and this will act as a sort of base of operations for heroes who dare to reach the top of the tree.

Here's some screenshots of the gameplay, along with the boxart and a picture of the soundtrack CD which will come with the special edition:

Special Edition CD

What do you think? Will you be interested in picking this up? What did you think of previous entries in the series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.