Yo-Kai Watch.png

Though the majority of major Nintendo releases have aligned releases globally, or at least in the West, the recent glut of 3DS releases have been somewhat scattered between North America and Europe. One example is Yo-kai Watch, which was marketed as a major Holiday 2015 release Stateside but is only now dated for the EU.

It's arriving on 29th April, with the announcement giving the big N a little time to align its marketing for the title. In addition to the first game in the series we're likely to see a co-ordinated effort with the anime series - confirmed to start on 23rd April in the region - and merchandise also coming to the fore, as was the case in North America. Though it doesn't appear to have taken off as significantly as in Japan in its Western releases so far, it seemed to have a solid launch in NA nevertheless.

It's just the start for the Level-5 franchise outside of Japan, in any case, and with Nintendo on publishing duties there'll be a desire to push it forward globally.

We gave this one a recommendation in our Yo-kai Watch review last year - how many of you in Europe are tempted to pick it up?