Fire Emblem Fates is just hours away (at the time of writing) from its release in North America, with gamers having to choose from two different versions - Birthright and Conquest. There is a limited edition that includes both plus the upcoming downloadable third path - Revelation - and you can download the second main path at a reduced price of $19.99 if you've bought just one at retail, but for some the initial choice will be tricky.

We broke down a number of key differences in our Fire Emblem Fates review, highlighting that in addition to varying stories they actually represent different gameplay experiences, with Birthright being more accessible and straightforward than the trickier and old-school approach to challenge in Conquest.

Nintendo of America, though, has come up with a quirky flowchart to help you choose between versions. It takes an... alternative approach.

Fire Emblem Fates Chart

So, which version are you planning to get, you lucky North American gamers?