Fire Emblem Fates

Fire Emblem Fates is mere hours away from launching over in North America, and there's obviously plenty of high expectations. We absolutely loved it in our review, praising how it appeals both to newcomers and veterans looking for a more serious challenge. Of course, now that the current game is out, the immediate question that's being jumped to is: what's next?

USGamer recently got to interview Kouhei Maeda, Masahiro Higuchi, and Genki Yokota – the director, producer, and a Nintendo director, respectively – and one of the topics covered was how the team intends to keep its 'Mini-Renaissance' going. Basically, the developers seem keen on continuing down the path they've started with Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fates. Yokota weighed in on this one, talking about the need to keep doing what works, while adding in new elements:

Yokota: Personally, I feel it's very important to keep what's been working well in the series, as well as challenge ourselves to implement new things in order to make it more fun and enjoyable for a broad audience.

Higuchi went to expand on this, highlighting the importance of making a game that's approachable by all:

Higuchi: Maeda-san mentioned earlier about this game being a tough RPG - sort of like a simulation type of game - with a turn based system; and while some people really enjoy the interaction with the various characters that you play with during the game, there are some other players enjoy more of the storyline. We feel like it's very important for us to continue suggesting all these different ideas that would make the game more accessible to various people, and, to be honest, there's not a single answer to this. But, I feel like the key to continue making the Fire Emblem series successful is to continue challenging ourselves and implementing all these good ideas that come up during the development process.

For the full interview, check it out here.

What do you think? Was the multiple version approach to Fates the right move? How do you think they could best keep the momentum going? Share your thoughts in the comments below.