Impressive Sashwork

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine will have new information on Capcom's upcoming Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6, including a first look at Wright and Co.'s main courtroom rival.

According to translating fans over at Court Records, the new prosecutor is named Nayuta Sadmadhi, although this name might of course change when the title comes to the West. Judging from the provided translation, Sadmadhi has a highly spiritual drive for justice that seems to sync with the culture of the fictional Kurain Kingdom in which much of the game is set:

The Funeral Prosecutor - Nayuta Sadmadhi
International prosecutor and an eminent monk in the Kingdom of Kurain with a devout belief in his/her religion. She/he believes that convicting the guilty in court means salvation for their victims. Has a soft demeanor, but has a sharp tongue.
"Let's judge upon the guilty and guide the spirits of their victims to the afterlife."

As you might have noticed, there is currently no assurance as to Sadmadhi's gender. Whether they are male, female, or non-binary will likely be revealed with further details in the future. The full Famitsu article is expected to explain more about courtoom procedure as well as the role Athena Cykes and her Mood Matrix will play in this installment.

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