Pokkén Tournament

Pokkén Tournament is only about a month away from release, and it seems like the wait only gets more difficult the closer we get to launch day. The roster of fighters has grown a bit over the past few months, and it appears to be a flashy and enjoyable fighter that'll be filling an otherwise quiet month for the Wii U. It's also been known that the game would have some amiibo compatibility, with a special Shadow Mewtwo card being packaged with first edition physical copies, and it has now been revealed that the game will be compatible with all amiibo.

The full extent of the compatibility still remains to be seen, but some details have recently been spotted on the game's page on the official Nintendo amiibo website. The information states that amiibo will "unlock in-game items", assumedly referring to all other amiibo aside from the Shadow Mewtwo card. It's not known what this is referring to, but past games have utilized unrelated amiibo in trivial, but useful ways, such as rupees being given to players in Hyrule Warriors.

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