Yo-kai Watch

It's official, Yo-kai Watch is set for world domination much like Pokémon before it. In our Yo-kai Watch review we liked developer Level 5's take on doing a Pokémon style game and felt that, in some ways, it eclipses the effort GameFreak has put into Pokémon over the years, both in production and creativity.

Of course Yo-kai Watch is much more than a game. It's also a hit anime franchise too. Today Paris-based VIZ Media Europe, the leader in Japanese Entertainment content in Europe, has announced the upcoming launch of the Yo-kai Watch show in more than 100 territories, including The UK.

The first season of Yo-kai Watch, which consists of 26 episodes, is due to be broadcasted in Spring 2016. It will be available to view on popular kids' channels, which will be revealed soon.

The story of Yo-kai Watch centers around a young boy, Nate, who gets a special watch empowering him to discover mysterious beings called "Yo-kai" that are everywhere to cause us little nuisances in our daily life. Nate's role is to find out the reason for the Yo-kai's mischievous behaviors and to talk them out of it, using his own creative wit and helped by his fellow Yo-kai that he befriends each time he solves a problem

The animated TV series was successfully launched in the USA last year. If any of our readers from over the pond enjoyed the series, be sure to let us know if it's worth a watch with a comment below.