We're pretty keen to get our hands on Hyrule Warriors Legends, as the prospect of playing through the Wii U title with extra content and on the go is rather appealing. Yet it's a release that's concerning some, particularly those with older models; as it's a port of a Wii U title it's only fair to assume that it'd be better suited to the improved New 3DS hardware and it's faster innards.

It seems that'll certainly be the case, too, as those with Japanese systems have been making comparisons courtesy of a demo of the title that's been released on the country's eShop. First off, well-known Nintendo writer and video maker Daan Koopman praised the game's performance on a New 3DS, but acknowledges a notable performance drop on an original model.

Video evidence is certainly clear, too. Below is a Koei Tecmo video we previously shared which shows it running relatively nicely on a New 3DS. Below that is a comparison video by GameXplain that shows the same area of gameplay; more interesting for our money than the Wii U comparison is the framerate, which is confirmed to be from an original 3DS and is well below that seen on a New model.

It's a noticeable difference, and at those levels it looks like those playing with a 2DS, 3DS or 3DS XL should think very carefully before taking the plunge. It also raises the question, based on this footage and these impressions, of whether this should have been a New 3DS exclusive.

Let us know what you think, and whether you're concerned about the performance on older models.