RCMADIAX has been a prolific publisher on the Wii U eShop, particularly in North America, releasing a range of budget titles. These games are often inexpensive, simple releases, though the developer is now planning to temporarily withdraw its most recent title - AVOIDER - due to what seems to be a potential copyright issue.

Only released on 7th January this year - we've even published our review - the game is being taken down due to the looping audio track bearing similarities to that found in "another released title". The takedown request has been sent to Nintendo of America - and not yet actioned at the time of writing - with RCMADIAX issuing the following statement.

Until now, we were unaware that the audio track provided to us was a close copy of audio in another released title - we have contacted Nintendo to pull AVOIDER from the store until we can provide them with a new version removing this track.

For those that have already purchased or are planning to purchase the game while it is still in the shop - you will receive a FREE update to the new version and you can continue to play the current version with no issues.

The composer of the track in question, @OnlyMattDesind, shared his apologies and an explanation.

RCMADIAX appears to be trying to act promptly and correctly to resolve the issue. Only time will tell how long the game will be unavailable once Nintendo processes the request; a fresh round of certification will likely be needed when a build with alternative music is submitted.