Image: Nintendo

With 2016 now well underway many thoughts are on what will be a vital 12 months for Nintendo. In this year alone it'll reveal - and potentially release - its next generation of gaming hardware with the NX, it'll launch its first smart device apps and the My Nintendo / Nintendo Account services. Throw in the annual shenanigans around E3 and beyond, and there's a lot in the company's collective inbox.

Over the past two weeks we've run a range of features looking at the year ahead, some of which are below:

Nintendo and its closest partners are already revealing snippets of exciting details for the first half of the year, too. There are Pokémon bundles and goodies for that IP's 20th Anniversary, as an example. Yet while we're optimistic and hopeful about the year to come here at Nintendo Life, it seems like a good time to get your perspective. Are you excited and positive of a great year for Nintendo, concerned and worried about what's to come, or still on the fence?

You can let us know in the polls and comments below - have at it!

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Do you think the 3DS will have a good 2016?
Are you excited about Miitomo and more smart device apps?
Are you excited about the NX reveal this year?
Are you optimistic that Nintendo will have a great 2016?