It's a big year for Pokémon as the franchise gears up to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. With that in mind Nintendo has now lifted the lid on some key releases that are on the way to the West, which should certainly please fans.

Starting with Europe, it'll receive three variations of 2DS bundles, one each for the upcoming Pokémon Red / Blue / Yellow Virtual Console titles - these seem to be equivalents of Japanese bundles. Each system will have the relevant Virtual Console game pre-installed and have "classic packaging reminiscent of the original Game Boy games", along with 15 stickers and a free HOME Theme. These are all coming on 27th February.

Pokemon bundles.png

Next up are two cover plates for the New 3DS, one based on Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon and one celebrating the series.

Due in Europe on 19th February
Due in Europe on 27th February

The deal's different for North America, with none of the above being confirmed for the region as yet. What is confirmed is a New 3DS bundle, the smaller model (thanks Serebii) which will come with two cover plates and both Red & Blue pre-installed; it's also due on 27th February.

New 3DS NA.png

The Verge is also reporting that there'll be a general celebration of Pokémon in a Super Bowl commercial on 7th February.

Finally, an official 20th Anniversary logo has been released, which you can see below.

Pokemon logo.png

Unfortunately, though Pokkén Tournament was given a prominent mention by Nintendo of Europe in a press release it still only has a 'Spring' release window.

As a start to the anniversary year these seem like some promising announcements. Let us know what you think in the comments.