Some of you may be aware that major sports network ESPN has added eSports to its catalogue of broadcast types. In fact, it's created a site dedicated to the new initiative, accompanied by a Twitter account under the handle of @ESPN_Esports. Its "popular" games of coverage choice are League of Legends, Dota 2, and Hearthstone, which is the start of a tremendous step forward in exposing the competitive gaming scene and eSports on the whole - something that this writer is sure is appreciated by video game lovers around the world.

For Nintendo fanatics specifically, however, ESPN has also announced that the ever-popular Super Smash Bros. franchise will be joining its list of games in its coverage of events (although we're not certain which game(s) exactly, but Melee and Wii U are likely to be the leading candidates). It's unsurprising that if Nintendo games were to ever be considered for such a campaign, Smash would be the pick. It's a highly popular game in the competitive scene, most recently being competed in by hundreds of players from around the world in the third instalment of its own dedicated tournament, Genesis.

What do you make of ESPN including Smash in its library of eSports coverage, and would you like to see them undertake any other Nintendo games? Are you happy that video-games on the whole are increasing in exposure because of initiatives like these? As always, sound-off below.

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