Hyrule Warriors Legends is one of a glut of new arrivals in the first few months of 2016, giving 3DS owners a chance to jump into the popular Wii U title. Legends includes all of the DLC from the home console version, in addition to new characters and Linkle story content.

It's out in the West on 25th March, though its Japanese release is even closer; as a result Koei Tecmo has released a lengthy showcase of the first stage in the game. It gives us a chance to see how well the final build is running on a New 3DS - check it out below.

In addition GAME has opened UK orders on the Limited Edition (thanks to Jason Burrows for the heads up) which the retailer has nabbed as an exclusive in the country. This is the set revealed by Nintendo in its November Direct, featuring a golden compass to match the piece that plays an important role in Linkle's story. It comes at a hefty price - £49.99 - and GAME's sketchy recent record in fulfilling pre-orders may go against it; a notable example in 2015 was the retailer charging some customers hundreds of pounds for a single Super Mario Maker pre-order.

Hyrule Warriors Compass.png
Hyrule Warriors Compass2.png

Whether you're planning to pick up a limited edition or not, let us know whether you're excited about Hyrule Warriors Legends.

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