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Bravely Default was a popular arrival when it was localised in Europe and North America, and also had a demo that served as a prelude to the main game. With Bravely Second: End Layer approaching in Europe the same strategy is being revisited.

With the game due on 26th February, including a gorgeous Collector's Edition, Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that a demo will arrive on the eShop on 11th February. Importantly it's not a simple slice of the main game, but rather "a prelude to the adventure" focused on "the Three Cavaliers – Yew Geneolgia, Janne Angard, and Nikolai Nikolanikov". As with the demo that preceded the first game progress will also unlock rewards in the full game.

It seems like a smart move, with an RPG in particular, to release a 'prelude' ahead of time - a small and self-contained experience can potentially entice more players into buying the full game.

Will you be giving this demo a try?