Hyrule Warriors Legends will be one of a few high profile 3DS releases in early 2016, with the 3DS port introducing some key new characters and content. One of the most notable additions is Linkle, an all-new character that'll have her own story-segment in the game.

The Japanese release is a couple of months ahead of the Western arrival, so Koei Tecmo has been ramping up its marketing with videos for the new characters; now Linkle has her showcase. We get a good look at her moveset and how she puts her dual-wielding crossbow technique to use; she certainly has some fun looking combos, and the development team has typically done a good job with a lot of the game's cast.

Every time we see these showcase videos we can't help but want to see their Wii U equivalents in action; all new characters will be transferable to the original game. For now, though, we can see the portable version of Linkle in action below.