For the few of you that have been living under a rock, Linkle is a new playable character in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends, notable for basically being a 'female Link'. Of course, Linkle is very much her own character; her backstory may be a little similar to Link's, but she still has many traits that set her apart.

Initially created as Link's sister, Linkle didn't make it into the first version of Hyrule Warriors, but positive fan reaction to concept art depicting her led to her inclusion in the newer version. We've known some details about her backstory for a while now, but new footage has recently been shown of her official introduction in-game.

The footage came via a Famitsu live stream, where we got to see a lengthy segment of the Japanese version of the game. Of course, it's all in Japanese, but a user over on Reddit posted a translation of the text, which we've included below. Granted, it may or may not be entirely accurate, but the translation does line up with what we know so far. Take a look, the cutscene starts about a minute in:

Linkle: Uhn
Townsman: Heeeeeey, Linkle!
Townsman: There's trouble! Apparently Hyrule Castle is being attacked by a Demon!
Linkle: What!? REALLY!?
Townsman: We've received word that even Zelda is engaged in battle but if the Demon gets to our village....
Linkle Changes and bursts through the door
Townsman: that outfit is ... ?
Linkle: I've decided! I will defeat this Demon!
Linkle: It's just like my grandmother once told me! I am the reincarnated hero after all!
Townsman: Just because you've always liked to pretend to be the hero...
Linkle: LOOK!
Linkle: Surely this compass passed down from my grandmother is proof that I am the hero!
Linkle: I will protect the peace in Hyrule!


Cucco shepherd Linkle was from a small village where she lived leisurely.
From the time she was small she has believed that she is the reincarnated hero.
One day a rumor had spread to her village that a Demon was attacking Hyrule Castle.
When Linkle heard this she donned a dashing green outfit.
With the old compass passed down from her grandmother and her special crossbow in hand she set out from the village.
Relying on a map and a compass, it was Linkle's aim to reach Hyrule castle but...
Soon she found herself lost, wandering around in a forest with a suspicious atmosphere.
Then a demon child wearing a mysterious mask appeared and robbed Linkle of her treasured compass.
That compass is surely the mark of the hero and she absolutely must get it back!
Linkle's first trial was about to begin.

What do you think? Are you glad that Linkle was introduced after all? What do you think of the character? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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