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Well, it's over. Though the last pieces of content for Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS are due in February 2016, the full batch of DLC and the final roster has been announced. That's it, finito, done.

That sense of finality, which is probably also Masahiro Sakurai's way of saying "don't bug me about it any more", is slightly strange for this generation of the brawling series; over the past year it went big with numerous updates and content additions, to the degree that it may have seemed neverending.

So, what was revealed, and where can you watch it all again? Well, let's quickly give you some useful links:

So there you have it, quite a few announcements, with Sakurai-san also painstakingly going through character movesets during the broadcast.

We'll be sharing some thoughts on this generation of Smash Bros. and the final announcements, of course, but now that the dust is starting to settle we want to start off with your perspectives. The live chat when we blogged the stream seemed like a real mix of emotions; the hype beforehand was huge, and the reaction during and after was wildly varied. With something like the Fighter Ballot results - of which Bayonetta made the grade as the most popular 'realizable' character - and a final cast it was only natural that reactions would be diverse.

We've all had time to digest the outcome, now, so let's talk it over. Post your votes in the polls below and sound off in the comments - was this a strong finale for this generation of Super Smash Bros.?

Have you picked up the Cloud DLC?
Are you excited about Corrin coming to Smash Bros.?
Are you excited about Bayonetta coming to Smash Bros.?
Which of the upcoming amiibo do you plan to buy (choose up to 6)?

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Which of the Mii Outfits do you plan to buy (choose up to 8)?

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What's your overall opinion of Masahiro Sakurai's presentation?