Sakurai Bayonetta.png

Well, that was something. Masahiro Sakurai pulled out a few surprises in his final Super Smash Bros. video presentation, while also going into typically exhaustive detail on movesets for new characters. The big reveals were Corrin - from Fire Emblem Fates - and Bayonetta, with the PlatinumGames icon being a surprising arrival via the Fighter Ballot.

We have articles on the home page and will provide the usual analysis over the coming days, but in the meantime here's a handy collection of all the videos. The three variations of Sakurai-san's broadcast are pretty much the same, but with different pricing and maybe even dates within, and we've also included the character introduction videos from the official website.


Nintendo of America Broadcast

Nintendo of Europe Broadcast

Nintendo Japan Broadcast

Cloud Introduction Video

Corrin Introduction Video

Bayonetta Introduction Video

Mii Fighters Wave 5

Mii Fighters Wave 6