Pokkén Tournament

For those of you that haven't been keeping track of the Wii U release schedule, Pokkén Tournament is an upcoming fighting game based on Pokémon. It began life as an arcade game exclusive to Japan, but it was a logical choice to port it over to the Wii U. The arcade version features two screens for local multiplayer and it was initially unclear how (or if) multiplayer would carry over into the home console port, but the development team has thankfully found a way to make it happen.

A listing on HORI's site for the Pokkén Tournament controller recently outed the existence of a local multiplayer mode. One player will be looking on the GamePad and one will be looking on the TV screen, ensuring that everyone gets a fair and equal view. It's an odd thought to consider that this wasn't previously confirmed, but nonetheless it's nice to see that this will be a game to break out when having a friend over.

What do you think? Will you be picking up Pokkén Tournament? What other features or modes would you like to see in this game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[source serebii.net, via hori.jp]