3DS Theme Top Screen

As some of you are likely aware, Stella Glow will be releasing in North America on 17th November. The latest RPG from Atlus will be taking a rather musical approach to things, starring a series of witches that all have musical powers of some sort. We certainly enjoyed it based on some limited hands on time with the game and, if nothing else, it'll certainly present an interesting setting for the SRPG action. In order to get more hype for the game moving (and likely to encourage more digital downloads), Atlus just recently announced an incentive to tempt buyers into picking it up on the eShop.

Any gamers that choose to pick this game up digitally will also receive an exclusive 3DS home screen theme featuring the five leading witches and a rather adorable looking pig. Remember that this will be otherwise unobtainable, which may not sit too well with physical copy purists. Also, here's a few screenshots and some footage of the game in action:

What do you think? Do you intend on picking this up? Are you irritated that this theme is only available to digital buyers? Drop us a comment in the section below.