We all love a good infographic, right? They're a visually pleasing way to gawk at information on upcoming games, or perhaps to show off timelines and franchise histories without all that confusing text. Square Enix clearly sees the value of them, too, as it's now in on the act.

It's promoting Final Fantasy Explorers for 3DS, which is heading to the West on 26th January (North America) and 29th January (Europe). In this case it's showing off the 21 job classes that will be available as you explore and hack up monsters - the Blue Mage and Samurai jobs were DLC in Japan but, as confirmed during Nintendo Direct on 12th November, all of this extra content will be included for free in the West.

Cast your eyeballs over it below, anyway, just be sure to click the picture for a bigger view (so you can actually read it).

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