Pokemon Picross

Nintendo's latest Direct has revealed yet another new free-to-start game is on the way. Following tradition, it's yet another Pokémon title for the 3DS eShop. Pokémon Picross is due out in early December, and is a mostly traditional picross experience with a dash of Pokémon.

Players will reveal Pokémon pictures to capture pocket monsters, which will then allow them to add the Pokémon to their party and use their support skills in battle.

Pokemon Picross 2

Players will also be able to obtain and purchase additional funds in the form of "Picrites" to prolong their play sessions and solve puzzles more effectively across more than 300 stages. In addition to this will be the chance to encounter every mega evolved and legendary Pokémon.

Let us know in the comments if you plan to download Pokémon Picross when it is released.