Nintendo has once again hand-picked a selection of courses from the 100 highest-rated Super Mario Maker courses across Europe. Give them a spin and let us know what you think by posting a comment at the end!

No EscaPeach!

WiiU_SMM_No EscaPeach_01.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Fabio from Italy

What would happen if Peach took her rescue into her own hands? Tackle this course as the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and try to make your way to the exit as you're chased by a relentless Bowser.

Tänk Fort

WiiU_SMM_Tank Fort_02.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Nifflas from Denmark

Containing a series of fast-paced challenges, this course is a great choice for those who think they're quick off the mark and want to test their reaction speeds.

Nintendo Remix!

WiiU_SMM_Nintendo Remix_02.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Bearman from Australia

Make your way through a clever series of puzzles, each of which is themed after a particular character. Climb some vines with Donkey Kong, get back to your ship as Olimar, and explore a spooky mansion as Luigi.

SMC 1-3 Speedy Sawmill

WiiU_SMM_SMC 1-3 Speedy Sawmill_02.bmp


Hard Difficulty

Designed by CurletSoup from Norway

With conveyor belts, wall-jumps and a raft of lethal grinders in your way, this is a course that demands that you really think about your momentum and timing if you want to come out unscathed.

In water, no one can hear you ..

WiiU_SMM_In water no one can hear you_01.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Aidturith from France

Mario must make his way through the briny deeps while carefully avoiding pairs of Angry Wigglers chasing him down. Fast reactions and faster swimming skills are needed to outsmart your foes.

The Pits and the Pendulums

WiiU_SMM_The Pits and the Pendulums_01.bmp


Hard Difficulty

Designed by Kiavik from Italy

Jumps that can only be made by bouncing off of Chain Chomps. Unchained Chomps on the hunt. With only a Buzzy Beetle shell for protection, you can safely call yourself a spin-jump master once you've completed this course!

They Follow.

WiiU_SMM_They Follow_01.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by Axi from Australia

Danger lurks at every corner, and it's up to you to make sure Palutena makes it through the hazards ahead as she's constantly followed by an unstoppable swarm of enemies.

New Super Mario Land 1-4

WiiU_SMM_New Super Mario Land 1-4_02.bmp


Medium Difficulty

Designed by At0mium from France

With some perilous jumps and a tense puzzle involving Bob-ombs and a showdown with a Sledge Bro, this course provides players with a challenge that feels remarkably old-school.

♡Bowser's & Peach's Castle♡

WiiU_SMM_BowserPeach Castle_01.bmp


Easy Difficulty

Designed by Psy from Germany

Bowser's built his new castle right by Peach's, and it's up to Mario to make his way through the Koopa King's new keep and defeat him in a fast-paced boss battle to make the Mushroom Kingdom safe again.

The Great Oak Tree

WiiU_SMM_The Great Oak_01.bmp


Hard Difficulty

Designed by Alice from the UK

Exploring inside a giant tree may sound like a job for another legendary hero, but in this course, it's up to good ol' Mario to make his way through the hazards inside The Great Oak Tree.