Another bad day for the cute little mascot (screen from the GameCube original)
Image: Gamezone

The UK chart results are out and, yes, Call of Duty: Black Ops III is easily number one. That's hardly surprising, but the overall Nintendo results have prompted us to raise our eyebrows.

Let's get the bad news out of the way - Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash appears to have tanked at launch in the UK. Not only is it nowhere to be seen in the top 40, but it's down in 7th position in the 3DS charts below games such as New Super Mario Bros. 2 and LEGO Jurassic World. It's a pretty grim outcome for a franchise apparently being given one final chance to shine, though we feel obliged to point out that if the Official Nintendo UK store won't even advertise it on its front page (at the time of writing, and this has been the case since launch day) then it clearly has no significant support.

In happier news Mario Kart 7 has made a surprising appearance way up in 14th place in the all format charts (19th single format), which is an increase of 898% over its previous week's sales. There is a good reason for this, though, as the game's 2DS bundles had a heavy discount across various retailers - a system and the game seem to have been going for around £50-60.

Elsewhere some of the usual contenders are doing fairly well by virtue of being recent releases and perhaps also via hardware bundles. In the all format charts Super Mario Maker is 23rd (up one place), with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer just two behind in 25th. One place further back and with a climb of seven places is Mario Kart 8 in 26th, while Splatoon has re-entered the charts in 37th place. It's nice to see a selection of the finest Wii U and 3DS games holding a presence in the top 40.

Sadly, Chibi-Robo isn't in on the action, and barring the unlikely event of huge sales results in North America it appears the franchise is in danger. The cute little robot can't quite clean up on 3DS.

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