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Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden is just days away in North America and Europe, so Bandai Namco naturally wants to keep momentum going ahead of release. To that end a new trailer has been released to build some launch hype.

To the eyes of this non-fan this seems like a colourful and confusing bombardment of noise and flashy moves, which is undeniably cool. We're sure it all makes perfect sense to big Dragon Ball Z aficionados.

Luckily we have a Dragon Ball Z fan in the extended Nintendo Life family - though normally found over on sister-site Push Square, Robert Ramsey has given the lowdown on this title in our Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden review.

We have clarified one key point with Bandai Namco around the Super Butoden 2 promotion in relation to eShop downloads of Extreme Butoden. This week's European Download Update information from Nintendo wasn't 100% clear, but Bandai Namco has confirmed that only eShop pre-orders will receive a download copy of the SNES game. That means Europeans need to buy it before 16th October and North Americans before 20th October, with the SNES title not included after those dates.

Retail pre-orders come with a download code, as announced previously.

Let us know whether this is on your radar for 3DS.