Pokémon Trading Card Game

It can sometimes be easy to forget that Pokémon is much more than just a best-selling video game series, with a successful anime and popular trading card game also contributing significantly to the franchise's mammoth success. The trading card game in particular is an interesting case; it could theoretically have the same battle system as the games, but it instead has its own unique set of rules. While these rules are relatively simple, they can seem a bit confusing to brand new players that are looking to get their feet wet.

Conveniently enough, the official Pokémon YouTube channel recently posted a short video explaining the basics of the trading card game in a way that can be easily understood. Sure, it may seem a bit unnecessary, but it's likely a more concise way of learning then by way of a friend fumbling through the rules and potentially forgetting something. Here's the video:

What do you think? Do you still play the Pokémon TCG? How do you think it compares to the battle system in the games? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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