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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has been out for a few weeks now and had a day one update to add in online room viewing and sharing, which had been a post-launch addition in Japan.

Unlike with some titles this game isn't overly insistent on you installing the update, and some may have missed it entirely. Yet it's the only way to enjoy the online sharing and events, which can add quite a lot to the overall experience.

With that in mind our colleagues at Family Gamer TV have shared a video with a simple guide on getting the update and the resultant Happy Home Network that it unlocks. It's certainly worth checking out if this has passed you by so far.

This channel has done quite a few videos on Happy Home Designer, so you can check out the playlist if you want to see more.

Have you been happily designing in this Animal Crossing spin-off? Carefully and stylishly place a comment below if you have.