It may be our contention that The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes doesn't show the famous franchise in its finest light, but it's a title that is undeniably designed to bring 3DS owning friends together for an enjoyable shared experience. For most of us that'll mean sitting in a comfy seat and hopping online or maybe getting together for some local play, but typically Nintendo goes the extra distance.

While in the past few weeks we've occasionally smiled and shaken our heads at occasional little slip ups from Nintendo of America's social team, credit's due for one of its cooler recent posts. Three key figures involved in the game dressed up as colour-coded heroes and recreated our favourite communication placard from the game - the animated pom pom. Aonuma-san, Shikata-san and Mouri-san all get into the spirit to show Nintendo's fun side - yet again.

It remains part of Nintendo's enduring charm that, no matter how senior the roles or important the company staff, they can often be found having fun with their jobs. Why not? These are video games after all.

In any case, we'd suggest sentiment may put Aonuma-san ahead in this pom pom face off, but it's a tough call.